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What the experts says?

Snugi slippers are a good and smart choice for encouraging quality movement patterns and posture of babies and children. Because they are completely soft and made of natural materials, they provide the feeling of walking barefoot.

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Špela Gorenc Jazbec B.Sc. physiotherapist, NDT therapist

I keep recommending Snugi slippers to all parents as the slippers are anti-slip, wide enough so they don't compress the child’s foot and children don't even notice wearing them.

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Katja Pungartnik B.Sc. physiotherapist, NDT therapist in Children developmental clinic

For healthy and normal development of children's feet, experts recommend barefoot walking. Due to the climate where we live, we know that this is not possible for most of the year. The best choice for the feet are slippers that feel like other skin - SNUGI.

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Tina Kralj B.Sc., NDT physiotherapist