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Healthy development of children's feet

Barefoot walking is known to be best for children as it provides better balance, improves leg strength, improves spinal posture, speeds up circulation, improves the immune system, improves attention, gives a feeling of freedom and much more. An important task of parents is to choose footwear for the child that promotes the highest quality and natural development of the foot. Snugi footwear is designed to follow the child's natural movement and to most closely mimic barefoot walking.


Make sure your baby's feet develop properly

Some abnormalities in the development of the feet are congenital, while others occur due to the use of inappropriate footwear. Not knowingly, parents often put second hand shoes on their children, which impose incorrect walking patterns, and cause their children to acquire poor-quality movement patterns. Wanting to wear them longer, parents often decide to buy oversized shoes or insist on too small. This hinders the child and discourages him or her from appropriate activities.


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The right choice of footwear is crucial

Nowadays, there is a growing emphasis by the experts on the points supported by scientific research, which have completely refuted the former mentality that a child needs hard footwear with a high heel tab and a supported arch for proper foot development. Excessive support does not benefit the muscles but on the contrary, it restricts movement and weakens the musculature.
If we want to enable the most correct and undisturbed development of the child's foot, the foot has to stay as free as possible. Thus, the footwear should be as soft and comfortable as possible, the sole should be flat, soft and flexible, and the heel tab should not be too high and too hard.
Research has confirmed that supporting the arch of the foot in a normally developed child's foot has no benefits, as the child must build the arch muscularly. This means by loading the foot, weight-transfer, balance, toe stand…
The primary function of first footwear on a normally developed children foot should be mainly protection from the cold and slipping when the child is trying to stand up and making their first steps.