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Cuts and materials


Everything starts from the basis of the sole. Sole of the footwear for outdoor use has to be wide enough across the toe section, flexible and durable to protect the feet of your child. In slippers, the sole has to be soft, breathable and anti-slip to prevent falls on smooth surfaces.


The philosophy of the cut

All our footwear is designed in a way to imitate barefoot walking. We use the best materials to achieve flexibility, airiness and lightness. Our cuts are adapted for every age period, from babies to the little ones who are only learning to walk. We are constantly striving for improvements and are constantly evolving in the offer of our brand.


filozofija kroja


The process of designing a cut

It all starts with a simple question: what can we do better? It continues with ideas how to improve the footwear and what materials are best to use. Afterwards we make several prototypes, which are first tested by our own children. 




Once we are sure that a product will do well in the market, we invite a few parents and children to try the product and give us feedback. If the results and feedback turn out to be satisfactory, we start making and finalizing the product.


Use of materials

At Snugi, we use only quality materials that are suitable for direct contact with the child's skin.

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Children’s parents tell us all the time that their children adore our slippers and shoes, that they don’t want to take them off their feet or would even go to bed wearing them.
The joy that children show when they put on Snugi footwear for the first time is indescribable and lets us know that we are working in the right direction.