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About us

How everything started?



The story about Snugi started when our firstborn son Žan started attending daycare. As he had been walking around barefoot at home, the sudden wearing of slippers at the daycare for several hours straight caused him a fungal infection. His soles were always sweaty and thus we couldn't get rid of the fungal infection. That led my partner and me into search for slippers that are all – comfortable, breathable and washable. We couldn't find such slippers on the market so some evening a crazy thought occurred to us, back then more as a joke that a serious idea. I remember the moment when I was browsing the internet for slippers, I bursted out »I'm going to sew them myself!« and the following day made a phone call to one of the sewing courses.





With help from a sewing course mentor, I sewed my first pair of kid’s slippers. Aside from my regular job, I spent late evenings when my son was asleep searching for appropriate materials. It didn't take long to gather different sorts of materials and started to improve the cut of slippers that I had purchased online. My Žan was so happy about the slippers that he wouldn't take them off even when going to bed which motivated me to make more and more pairs. Soon after that, a chain of shops where we then started our first mini family business noticed us.


 Where are we today? 




Three years later, our team has 11 members. During this time, another family member has joined us - my other son Žiga - and he is the reason that we started to make slippers also for “first steps”.




Constant improvement

Since the very beginning, we aim for footwear that is the best for the growth and development of children’s feet. We've been gathering information from physiotherapists and expertise. Through the years, we have been constantly growing, learning and improving. We strongly believe in our vision and the best of our footwear for both your and our children. We make small steps for us but big for our children.


Where do we go?




Our vision

Our vision is to offer the world the best kids’ footwear.


Our philosophy